mardi 24 août 2010

AMODIO MATTIA ( master of sport )

-BodyWeight: 92kg
- age : 23 years
-Squat: 170kg Raw
-BenchPress: 155,5kg Raw
-Deadlift: 230kg Raw

Personal Best in Girevoy Sport
-one arm jerk 60kg : 29 repétitions
-marathon GS ( 1 hours ) one arm jerk 32kg : 884 répétitions

-double jerk 40kg 6min30 : 50 repetitions
-double Jerk 32kg 10min. :109 repetitions
-double Jerk 24kg 10min. : 180 repetitions

-double Long Cycle 24kg 10 min. : 104 repetitions
-double Long Cycle 32kg 10min. : 73 repetitions

-snatch 40kg 4min30 : 70 repetitions
-snatch 32kg 10min : 147 repetitions
-Snatch 24kg 10min. : 230 repetitions

Amodio Mattia 2 time World Champion under 23age -90kg Member of Federazione Italiana ghiri kettlebell sport (FIGKS)

A few months ago, I board decided to practice the marathon GS (one hour a jerk 24kg), being French and alone, not knowing how to draw me into this race, I seek a coach on facebook. but everyone wondered money. I am an agent of Security and I can earn money very, (I'm Deplus father of a little girl), so it was impossible for me to have a coach. drank a young man (23 years) are offered me help. this man was no ordinary man! Amodio was mattia (Master of Sport) a young world champion girevoys sport. mattia has agreed to train, just for the pleasure of assisting athletes to progress. mattia is ua champion, also a good man and a coach exelente. I hate to Meet in November for the World Championships. that is why today I paid tribute MATTIA, by writing a small article on this great man.

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